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I love that the LES is such a booming place for bars and restaurants now because all these places are much closer to me!  It speaks volumes to my lazy ass.  However, it may not be doing as well for the ever expanding waistline of mine.  My friend from down the block and I walked a whole 10 minutes to Brown, which is the restaurant part of Green Brown Orange.  The Green is the catering facility and the Orange is the epicerie for private dining events.  Brown is a tiny place, with a few tables outside, and two long tables inside with two window booths [one to the left and right of the door].  It was hot the day we went but they didn’t turn on the AC, so it was steaming instead, especially with the sun beating down my back.  But I love summer days, so I can’t complain too much. 

brown outside
the dinky outside – looks kinda rustic doesn’t it?

brown inside
the tiny restaurant quarters inside

Aside from the forced coziness of the place, the food was fantastic.  Everything was organic and delicious.  I especially enjoyed the presentation.  It all seems very rustic, with the huge piece of bread and the pile of greens.  I ordered the baked eggs with roasted tomatoes, asparagus, and a huge slice of manchego cheese with roasted potatoes and onion and mixed greens on the side.  Just looking at the iron skillet/pan makes my mouth water- not to mention that it’s 45 mins away from lunch for me.  The reason why I’m intrigued with the baked eggs is that it’s like a sunny side omelet.  You get all the goodies associated with the omelet, but you also get the gushy egg yoke!  I carved out pieces of the baked eggs and made little sandwich bites atop the bread with the greens. 

baked eggs

eggs close up

i believe this is a side of the wild boar sausage that my friend ordered

all done =X

As you can see from the last picture, I was a beast with my breakfast.  It’s rarely the case when I completely clean off my plate[s].  My friends tell me that it’s very un-Chinese of me to not clean my plates, but sometimes, I just can’t help it.  I think this last picture speaks for itself.  Brown is a lick-the-last-remnants-off-a-burning-skillet type brunch place.  ;D


Happy Eating.

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