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ramen @ menkui tei

I think out of all the ramen places I’ve tried so far, Menchanko, Minca, Rai Rai Ken, and Men kui Tei to name a few.  I think that the last is probably my favorite.  They have two locations, I always go to the one on Cooper Square, right by St. Marks and Astor Place.  I’m a fan of their  hiyashi ramen– cold ramen with sesame seed sauce with beansprouts, chopped roasted pork, cucumbers, egg, imitation crab, topped with picked ginger.  It’s a good treat in warmer weather, but it’s offered year-round for crazies like me to consume.  It tastes like a cold sesame-soy sauce base, but not overly salty, and they pack the bowl with an abundance of the various toppings, which is filling.  I also like the Shoyu ramen, the soy sauce flavored noodles with roast pork, bean sprout, bamboo shoots, and scallion.  The pork is always very tender.  The only complaint for meatlovers is that there is never enough meat in their ramen [or probably at any ramen house at that]. 

You can option to have a curry rice with pork or fried rice added to your order of noodles for only $3.  I like Japanese curry because it’s kind of a milder and sweeter curry.  I’ve also ordered the fried rice, and it tastes like any other pork fried rice, which is good enough for me.

I also like the Men Kui Tei doesn’t only serve ramen; they offer a lot of small dishes, kind of like Japanese tapas.  I tried this duck dish once, I don’t remember what it was called, but it was good [very helpful, I know- but I think they only have one duck dish, so you can find it easily].  They also have rolls sometimes, and different specials throughout the year including a special seafood curry dish in the summer. 

I think that ramen is one of those dishes that require an acquired taste.  I wasn’t a fan of all the soy based broths in the beginning, but now I love them.  Actually, I think it was actually eating packaged shoyu ramen with the beancurd that finally did it to me.   It seemed to have a different flavor; one that didn’t remind me of drinking soy sauce.  However, McTwinkle still isn’t a fan, but I’ll convert him yet!

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