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Last night, the gang and I decided to do something completely new: we all dressed up and went out to have a nice formal dinner … with some not-so-formal conversation.  After a long and arduous search of the web for a new and noteworthy restaurant to try that’s within our financial means- twin finally helped to decide on this place [her and Rich went for rest. week last year]. 

Let me start by saying I heart restaurants that will replenish your water and clear your places- ie. service you without disrupting your conversation.  I like not being bothered by the bus boys [absolutely nothing against bus boys] and just carry on with whatever I’m doing.  Next, let’s look at some stats.

Where: Capsouto Freres
Jen, Phil, Dan, Jon, Stan, Me
Atmosphere: good; high ceilings and very cabin-y [wide open spaces with wooden trimmings]
Price: $35 pre fixe or teens/twenties for Entrees
Speciality:  Soufle! and flambe [har har button]

In addition to bread, they give quiche

So Stan [all-you-can-eat] and Dan [Nasdaq] got the pre-fixe.  They both chose smoked salmon…. the things they did to the poor salmon.. there should’ve been a video.. there were questions.. and odd cutting techniques.. I mean we eat out all the time.. and have had many a cuisines.. yet.. smoked salmon baffles them.. it’s quite cute and disturbing at the same time.

I do apologize for the god-awful picture but I was in a really bad position.  But here’s the salmon with various topping including fish eggs, peppercorn and garlic.

Salmon Sandwich- yummers. [dan’s creation]

Dan’s eating his creation

scallop&mushroom ravioli with white sauce & veggies

duck confit w/ mixed greens & some other stuffs

I understand this is good colored beef, but I’ll pass.

Soufle! [say in the tone of ole!]

sunken soufle- tangerine flavored. *slurplicious

Family Ties; all together now, “awww!”

Guys, I want to forbid you from this moment on to having any good new foods without me. Ok? ok. 

On a whole other note:

Brunch has got to exist beyond New York…. right??  I mean California’s gotta be up on it … Boston was very disappointing in not having brunch!  I was shocked and appalled and ate Wendy’s instead.

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You know you’re addicted to a restaurant when you:
a. run in high heeled shoes to get there for your lunch hour
b. make plans with a friend who works just as far to run with you
c. have some random friend meet you for lunch avenues and streets away from where said person needs to be
d. the service is good
e. you think about conducting business lunches there
f. you figure out ways to get your usual group of friends to go there on a weekend from LES to Midtown East
And duh, all of the above applies to me.  The most terrible thing is… it’s not even the BEST sushi.. the service/atmosphere/special dishes combo just makes us want to come back.  Oh yea. Their happy hour rules!

So with that said… another mention of FusiaBrace yourselves.

First off, I absolutely heart extensive menus- big, ginormous, gets you so confused you want everything twice menus.

Secondly, there’s real food [owned by non-Japanese people] in addition to the non-sushi lovers.

Okay.  So here goes…  wait.. I should mention who was in my party yesterday.  Jon [who came from Mad & 40something], Corinne [by Dips] and me [gcs].  After a mad dash from our respective offices [and Jon’s potential office], we all ended up at Fusia a little after 1. 

So now.. the food:

hot&sour soup w/all the usual trimmings

Plain-Jon got the salad sans special ginger dressing

Jon’s getting ready to dig into his Salmon Steak drenched in teriyaki sauce.  My oh my was that sauce good.  Sweet and doesn’t have that weird fishy taste like some of the bottled ones dude [yes, I’ve eaten it from the bottle before].  I kept digging my chop sticks into Jon’s sauce throughout the meal.

I had a craving for rice yesterday so I got chicken in garlic sauce- spicy but good.  I enjoyed it.  They put water chestnuts in there which is different and I had to pick them out as I’m not a fan.  They also used a red sauce which makes it have a sweeter kick than the normal garlic sauce- which I also enjoyed. 

Corinne’s broad noodles with a medley of meats & shrimp.

In the end:

Mine- seriously, you can’t be surprised right?

Corinee’s still picking at hers!  At least, she managed to eat the expensive stuff [the meats]

I lurve take-out rice and I get really disappointed when Chinese take-out places give cheap nasty rice.  Like that place near me [backlink later].. bah!  This place is okay- not the best, but at least a bit up from the place on 45th.  I like the hard Chinese take-out rice.  Not the soft soggy stuff. Ack! 

And thus conclude’s Thursday’s eating out.

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well, at least for the rest of the week.

Yesterday, there was more SSS.  This time- I went out on a fatty limb and not only ordered 1 but 2 cupcakes.  Am I sick?  Yes.  Did I go into a diabetic coma?  No.  Well, I guess it helps that I don’t have diabetes, eh? 

My two babies: A.. PUMPKIN cupcake.  Yep.  It’s like delicious [read: good soft succulent pumpkin cake x 10] with cream cheese frosting.  YUM!

B. Another red velet- look at that redness!

And here we have Sam eating Bob.  Yes, they named a cupcake Bob.  It’s chocolate almond I believe.  He says Lemon is better; go figure.

I totally love that these cupcakes aren’t too sweet!

So long Triple S- see ya in June.

….. and it’s time for lunch. 

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