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My friend JJ came to visit from Springfield, MA and I took her to brunch before a day of shopping in Soho.  My concierge friend recommended The Cupping Room, which is conveniently located on the cusp of Soho and Tribeca.  It’s a very cozy spot, with tables squished very closely together in order to accommodate the utmost amount of people.  The restaurant is split between a cafe section in the front and a main dining room in the back.  We decided to stay in the front because there was a really long line for the tables in the back, and didn’t seem much difference except the noise level increased about 5 decibels in the main dining area.  Also, all the servers and waiters hang out around the front cafe section because that’s where the kitchen and coffee bar are located. 

cupping room, outside

cupping room, coffee bar

The item that caught my attention immediately from the menu is the espresso whipped eggs and steamed, which obviously, is what I ordered.  The very first time I read the menu, I thought it was some sort of eggs with actual espresso liquid whipped into them.  I was disappointed to find out that my imagination got the best of me, and what they meant is just eggs whipped with an espresso machine.  You should’ve seen the look on my face when the waiter clarified that for me.  It was like all my hopes and dreams crashed into the abyss.  I suppose espresso flavored eggs would be really odd, but there’s a chance it could’ve tasted good… right?

So my espresso whipped eggs came out more airy than regular scrambled eggs, but it was also more watery.  Along with my eggs, I had a side of classic home fries- potatoes with peppers and onions – nothing particularly special.  I convinced my friend to get the eggs benedict, my brunch usual, since she didn’t know what to order.  She ordered it with smoked salmon, and that also came with home fries.  Her eggs benedict came drenched in hollandaise sauce that my eggs looked mild and wimpy next to them.  I didn’t try any of the eggs benedict so I can’t comment on sauce or fish, but I didn’t hear any complaints.  Sadly, my friend has a tiny appetite, and the hollandaise is a heavy sauce, so she only finished about a little more than half her food.

espresso whipped eggs

eggs benedict

I also ordered a glass of fresh orange juice, it came in the tiniest wine glass.  Where were all the high balls?  Grr!

$4 OJ ! highway robbery!

The Cupping Room is a nice brunch place for those who are in the area or plan to be in the area that day.  I don’t think it’s one of those places that you need to go out of your way for.  Aside from the egg dishes, I did hear that their brioche french toast is to die for, along with the stuffed french toast – the bread is homemade- so maybe those are worth traveling from afar for.

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With all the beautiful picture perfect scenery and waters of Bermuda, one cannot go without at least dining al fresco at LEAST once.  While out in St. George, we stumbled upon a restaurant called Carriage House with an outside dining section that faces the ocean.  Even the inside dining room had so much sun exposure from all directions, it was almost as good as dining outside.  Our waiter and server were really attentive and checked up on us pretty frequently. 

There was nothing special about our food though.  Perhaps it’s because we went for lunch that we found the weather to be a bit unimaginative.  Everything on the lunch menu could basically be found in any Continental restaurant.  There was a cold peach soup special that was particularly tasty though. 

I got to try Bermuda’s infamous fish chowder here.  I couldn’t decide on what to eat so I ordered mozzarella sticks with salad and raspberry vinaigrette.  I thought my mozzarella sticks were going to come in a big bed of salad, like the calamari salads I’m used to, but obviously I was wrong.  The raspberry vinagrette was really tasty, especially since there were tiny chunks of raspberries in it.  It would’ve been better if I had more salad to use it on.  The fish chowder was much blander than I expected.  It’s suppose to come with hot sauce and rum [usually it’s given on the side for the customer to adjust to his/her taste buds], but this one was already mixed in.  I could taste a hint of fish in the chowder, nothing too overwhelming due to all the spices [in fact, it was over peppered] in the actual chowder and there were actual bits of shredded fish in there.  McTwinkle got the honey fried chicken, which was basically fried chicken with honey literally squeezed on top of it.  It’s a very simple honey fried chicken recipe, but I must say kudos to a tasty simple recipe. 

carriage house

carriage house inside 
exposed brick walls & those chandeliers give off a very rustic feel

cheese sticks

fish chowder

chicken tenders
store bought chicken tenders & canned beans

fried chicken
I stole most of that potato salad =P

the view
the view- and no, that hoodie was NOT necessary

On our last night, Anna decided we should have Italian for dinner and I figured, why not?  We went to Portofino in Hamilton City [you seriously can’t escape this part of Bermuda].  The space is very cozy with a enclosed outdoor seating area and lots of photos all over the walls of the beach inside.  I had the veggie risotto- slow cooked to yummy goodness, but way too filling for me to finish the whole thing.  I also ordered two slices of bruschetta, but it was disappointing because it tasted hard, stale, and flavorless.  I took one bite and winced in digust.  Kamordered linguine carbonara, which is linguine in cream sauce with parmigiana and bacon.  I got her hooked on the one from Arturo’s so she felt like she had to order it here.  Looking over the menu again, it’s a miracle any dish escaped cream-less. 


inside portofino 




Well, I believe that concludes the majority of my foodings in Bermuda.  Would it be surprising if I told you that I’m going away, yet again?  Yep- McTwinkle and I are off to the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, Bahamas for Memorial Day weekend.  For now, I’ll leave you with a little visual keepsake from Bermuda. 


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