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Better than Shanghai’s

Who would think that the best xiao long bao is not in Shanghai, but in Singapore?  On a recent trip to Singapore, I had the best xiao long bao’s I’ve ever had in my life.  The price was also super appealing.

This hawker stall in the Chinatown Complex food center is run by a husband and wife team.  I’m pretty sure they’re transplants from Shanghai.  They’re the cutest couple who kept laughing at me when I kept coming back shamelessly for more.

It may look like any regular xiao long bao on the outside, but it is superior on the inside.  The pork meat is soft and succulent.  They time the steaming perfectly.  The meat produces the perfect soup.  They must have flavored the soup with some miracle ingredient instead of relying on the pork to produce the broth.  It’s much more flavorful than any previous xiao long baos I remember tasting. My mom has always told me that the meat produces its own broth when it cooks, which is how we get the juice.  After reasearching, I just found out that it’s hardened bits of gelatinous broth that gets included with the filling before steaming.  Genius!

I may not have had every xiao long bao in Shanghai, but this beats all the ones I did have, and with less of a wait time.




2009-2707ginger & vinegar for dipping the xiao long baos.

The boy claims that it would be blasphamous to spoil the original taste with this.  I think it just adds to the goodness.

Additionally, the couple makes their own noodles by hand, and I had their jai jiang mien, but the highlight is definitly the xiao long bao.  The noodles themselves are good, but the sauce was lacking. It was really gelatinous and they didn’t warm it up long enough.

2009-2734contrast of colors are awesome


10 xiao long baos for $5 SGD
Chinatown Complex, 2nd Fl
Stall 135


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