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restaurant week

summer restaurant week 2006 begins today for two weeks.
go out and eat merrily.
i will report back with my foodings =p


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EVERYONE can comment now!

Hello to all my lovely readers out there.  After a little over two months, I’ve finally gotten off my lazy ass [ok.. technically there was no getting up needed] and created a new and hopefully improved site!  This is going to be all food, all the time- except for my occasional rantings that I feel are imperative to share with the world.  Anyway, I am uber excited b/c I’ve been added to the list that’s considered “food porn.”

So comment people!  Leave something sweet! =D

Check back later when I import all my foodie entries from the old blog.  [www.xanga.com/missbeancurd]

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the long awaited pictures from my month away is finally arriving in dribs and drabs.  prepare to feast your eyes on all the chinese food [and a lil bit of others] that you can take!

airplane food: breakfast of eggs, spinach potatoes and mushrooms- oh sausage too

congee! [we had a lot of this]

beef brisket and noodles from Eat Together

here’s some roast pork wrapped in noodles [can u see the noodle pattern now?]

more noodles [with peanut, soy and hot sauce]

people are really ghetto in HK- they put noodles on a piece of paper and then into a bag.. but it was dam cheap and filling so it works- it was a bit on the bland side though, but nothing sauce can’t fix

And now for some more non noodley stuffs:

breaded chicken in a sticky rice mushroom bun & close up of sandwich
everyone says McDonald’s in China tastes so much better- agreed?

fish cake & insides: this was very yummy but i don’t really remember what it was stuffed with.  mushroom/corn/peppers, etc.

veggie rolls- the skin was bleh but innards were yum

Fish Sandwich meal @ Disney w/ chinese ketchup [it tastes the same].. apparently the chinese like to put cucumbers into their burger type things- ack!

ma por dofu rice dish- it was better than i imagined and one of the only rice dishes i had during the whole week

rice dish and egg drop soup all gone!

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more on the tea

Sipping on my Raspberry tea .. again.

I’ve just come from browsing the Tea’s Tea website.  I present to you… the delicious Apple tea I was talking about yesterday.

An all natural, sweetened black tea brewed with the finest Sri Lankan tea leaves, blended perfectly with apple, delivers a purely enchanting taste like no other.

Simply irresistable.

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A few weeks ago, after I purchased my tickets from my new lovely travel agent [yes, they still exist people], I realized that I cannot be broke and go on vacation for a month.  Sooo I decided to try my hand at this thing they call: budgeting.  I mean I certainly understand the concept of it, but the actual practice is something that just goes right over my head.  Anyways, my new plan is to spend downwards of $50 per week.  Of course the first thing to go b/c of the budget is SHOPPING.  [sad, i know]  I figure, it’s okay, I’ll shop when I get to HK and China!  So weaning myself from shopping wasn’t that hard.  But dropping one habit naturally gives way to another to compensate for the lack of the former.  For me, that’s food.  I naturally spend money on food, but it seems like I’ve spent so much time eating and thinking about food now that my mind needs to steer clear of shopping.  It’s the only thing that keeps from from thinking, “me wants a new Gucci!”

So where has my foodie self landed me in the last couple weeks?

Eleni’s for cupcakes .. twice

Magnolia’s Bakery for more cupcakes

Hip Hop Chow [supposedly soul food w/a chinese twist]   

You’d think that I’d already broke my budget with $14 dollar Fried Chicken and $1.75 cupcakes.. but nooo… I also decided this was a good time for martinis and sushi [yes, sometimes they do go together]

Corinne and I have taken to frequent : our new happy place [cuz they have nicely priced happy hour drinks, of course] and the gang and i are forever hitting up the sushi places on St. Marks =]

Not to mention, fries at Pomme Frites  

and Brazilian at Boca Chica  

So in Ander’s words, I’ve managed to eat New York.  Hey, what better way is there to know your city than to eat through it, right?

Sadly, these few places don’t even begin to outline the amount food outings I’ve been on since I’ve started the budget at the beginning of March.  If there was less food, I’d say the budget was in good shape.  My conclusion is that the only way to keep away from the temptations is to just sit in front of your tv all day, lose the internet connection [online shopping is dangerous], and keep yourself immersed in work.  Here at the office, we have our own caf, and that’s dangerous within itself. Cake for $1.75?  Who can resist?! 

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