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Japanese BBQ.  This reminds me of the korean BBQ, only the flavors are different, but I still get just as excited.

 Are there any Japanese BBQ buffets in New York like there are Korean BBQ buffets?  If anyone out there has any knowledge about this, let me know! 

Two of my friends and I went to Gyu-Kaku one day for an early birthday dinner.  The thing I like about this place is that they offer happy hour bbq meats that change everyday.  We went on a Monday so we got to try the marinated kalbi short rib for 50% off.  I think drinks were also 50% off.  They really marinate their meats well making each piece super mouth wateringly flavorful, but the portions are just too small!

gyu kaku

inside gyu kaku

marinated stuffs
marinated kalbi

more bbq-able meats

main course: bibimbap: rice cooked in a stone pot mixed with assorted veggies and sometimes an egg with your choice of meat.  I usually go for the bugolgi [beef].  It’s a Korean specialty, but they served it here.

dessert: aka most wonderful pancakes EVER


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Ever since I was a young girl watching everyone propose/get proposed to at the Rainbow Room, I always wondered what magic powers the place has that causes so many people to announce that they want to spend the rest of their lives with someone there.  However, in the last couple of years, I really haven’t heard much about them.  The restaurant is part of the Cipriani group, who name exudes money and top notch American cuisine.

I finally got to experience the Rainbow Room for myself due to a corporate luncheon held there one day. 

rainbow room sign

view from the bar area

bellini! my favorite peachy brunch drink

isn’t it a bit too early to drink at 10-11am?

The h’orderves: zuchini chips, cheese pumped onto pieces of napa cabbage, and proscuitto on a stick

zuchini-chips.jpg cheesy cabbage

My favorite part was standing around eating all the h’orderves and drinking my bellinis.  The actual lunch was a bit disappointing.  I guess it also attributes to preparing, cooking, and serving 100 plus people 2-3 choices at one time.  The quality would suffer a bit.  None of the food stood out to us in particular and the portions were tiny. 

sad asparagus appetizer

the steak option

grilled fish

dessert crepe
mediocre crepe, but the idea’s good

sweet treats

And.. we can’t forget the infamous chandelier!  I love the orange accents around it.



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Backlog: Summer Brunch  

For some reason, I always forget what this place is called and inevitably, I’ve been referring to it as “Tiny” Giant for the past 8 months or so.  Taken from their website- they can sum it up best and they do live up to their standards:

Our food is “Seasonal American” (which means we use fresh market produce that isn’t the same week to week.) It also means homemade sausages in the winter, juicy heirloom tomatoes in the summer and the best buttermilk chive biscuits every day of the year.

We serve refined comfort food – upscale riffs on homespun standards.

In some ways, this place totally reminds me of my brunch at Brown.  All this organic food gives me an image of a hearty farmer’s breakfast with produce from the farm, eluding a rustic feel/look to it.  And the wood panels Little Giant serves food on doesn’t exactly sway my thoughts another way either.

orange trim opening 
the outside

rustic bfast
trucker’s breakfast

Think of this as an open breakfast sandwich.  It’s a grilled piece of texas toast, with tomatoes, bacon, andouille sausage [that I gave to McTwinkle], scrambled eggs, sautéed cremini mushrooms & tomato gravy [read: tomato juices] with a side of homemade molasses baked beans [read: my favorite part].

poached eggs, pancake
 biscuit & gravy

Buttermilk-chive biscuit that looks like a hash brown from the picture, poached eggs, black forest ham, and garlic-herb gravy with a side of greens

duck club

The beauty of brunch is that you can have breakfast or lunch and McTwinkle’s eating lunch.  The savory duck club with duck confit, applewood smoked bacon, avocado, and herb mayo.  There were terra chips on the side.

more poached eggs 
pig in a poke

Two poached eggs swimming in a crock of creamed grits with floating andouille sausage with toast and greens on the side


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