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Kempinski Room Service

Are there sweeter words in the English language other than “room service”?  Of course, “free room service.”

Check it out:

room service

I really think that room service should not be so expensive.  And dude, if you’re poor like me on a normal basis, don’t EVER stay in this hotel.  Everything was uber expensive.  It made me want to kill myself.  It’s one of those places where they use [or say they use] bottled water to make tea just so they could charge you for water.  This entire breakfast cost about 20 euros or so. 

The restaurant downstairs [Vue Maximilian] serves an awesome breakfast buffet, but I never made it there more than once.  I had to get my ass to work [hence the room service]!!

 Kiwi juice is aweeesome.  It’s at the top of my list for favorite juices.  The juice is soo much better than the fruit, in my opinion.  All that hairyness on the outside is just annoying and it’s so not ergonamically friendly to hold the damn thing.

Of course, in Germany, the pretzels are to die for!  Plus, these were still warm. 

The only annoying thing is that they always wake me up and I look like crap when I open the door at 7am.

Another breakfast:

breakfast in bed

I wanted fruit and yogurt so they dug up bowls of fresh strawberries and blueberries and supplied a jar of plain yogurt.  I also ordered more pretzels because of the awesomeness from the day before.  And.. of course, there’s more tea to help me start my day.

kempinski jams
hotel label condiments

yogurt from the alps


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Kempinski Tasting Menu

More of the Munich foodings.

Dinner at my hotel’srestaurant: Restaurant Vue Maximilian.
5 courses for approximately 50-70 euros.

salt & pep kissing
kissing salt & pepper shakers

cheese cart
cheese cart & chocolate cart

the bread plate:
3 kinds of bread with pesto, butter, and olive oil accompaniments

amuse bouche
amuse bouche

foie gras

foie gras
foie gras tasting, including foie gras creme brulee style


venison w/ cabbage and cooked cherries which I’m not a fan of

not creme brulee
not creme brulee

trio of desserts =P

bon bons
parting gifts: tarlet & rocher like candy

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Munich Foodings

I’ve been traveling back and forth between New York and Munich and I still haven’t written anything about food in Munich! Well, a big part of it is because I tend to go out to eat with my co-workers and it’s really obnoxious of me to whip out my camera and take pictures of everything before I eat it. It’s also not the politest thing to do in front of my Seniors- and over there, everyone is my Senior.

waffle cookies
These are like waffle cones, but rolled up into… rolls! Genius! It’s super crunchy and makes for a great snack. Who doesn’t love a good waffle cone? They only cost .99 euros so it’s super cheap. The only problem is that my mother discovered them the first time I came back to the States and devolvered them. Now, everytime I go, I have to bring her back like 5 bags and she eats them while she watches her Chinese dramas.

GELATO! Unfortunately, I seemed to have forgotten or misplaced the picture with the name of the place, but this is near Odeonsplatz. The gelato was very reasonably priced at 1 euro per scoop. It certainly wasn’t the best gelato I’ve had, but it did help satisfy the craving. I believe I ended up with the tiramisu. Cake in gelato form = heaven in a cup or cone.

Gelato bar

gelato selection

Supermarket browsing

They’ve got the Airwaves gum that everyone in China seems to love.


and these are their chips. they’ve got the onion rings and to the left edge, you see something with Asia flavored? Don’t ask me what that means because it sure beats the hell outta me. I think I’ve tried the onion rings and one of the bbq ones. The flavors tend to be lighter than what’s available here, but the bbq chips were damn good. I steal them from my hotel lounge every night. =X


The Germans also have a love for the carbonated drinks. Here’s a selection of carbonated apple juice [think apple juice with fizz, not apple cider], orange juice, and water.


Not only Germans, but in other parts of Europe, I’ve noticed people liking the bitter melon.  It’s not so much bitter as it is just not as lemony as you’d expect a lemon drink to taste.   There is a slight bitter twang at the end though. 

bitter melon

..more to come..

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Backlog: Summer Brunch  

For some reason, I always forget what this place is called and inevitably, I’ve been referring to it as “Tiny” Giant for the past 8 months or so.  Taken from their website- they can sum it up best and they do live up to their standards:

Our food is “Seasonal American” (which means we use fresh market produce that isn’t the same week to week.) It also means homemade sausages in the winter, juicy heirloom tomatoes in the summer and the best buttermilk chive biscuits every day of the year.

We serve refined comfort food – upscale riffs on homespun standards.

In some ways, this place totally reminds me of my brunch at Brown.  All this organic food gives me an image of a hearty farmer’s breakfast with produce from the farm, eluding a rustic feel/look to it.  And the wood panels Little Giant serves food on doesn’t exactly sway my thoughts another way either.

orange trim opening 
the outside

rustic bfast
trucker’s breakfast

Think of this as an open breakfast sandwich.  It’s a grilled piece of texas toast, with tomatoes, bacon, andouille sausage [that I gave to McTwinkle], scrambled eggs, sautéed cremini mushrooms & tomato gravy [read: tomato juices] with a side of homemade molasses baked beans [read: my favorite part].

poached eggs, pancake
 biscuit & gravy

Buttermilk-chive biscuit that looks like a hash brown from the picture, poached eggs, black forest ham, and garlic-herb gravy with a side of greens

duck club

The beauty of brunch is that you can have breakfast or lunch and McTwinkle’s eating lunch.  The savory duck club with duck confit, applewood smoked bacon, avocado, and herb mayo.  There were terra chips on the side.

more poached eggs 
pig in a poke

Two poached eggs swimming in a crock of creamed grits with floating andouille sausage with toast and greens on the side


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