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bermuda- part one

Last month, McTwinkle and I and two of our friends went to Bermuda for a few days.  I just got my new camera at this time so a lot of the five days were spent messing around with different settings and such.  I kept switching back and forth from the point and shoot and the DSLR. 

When I got out of the airport and saw palm trees, I realized just how much I love and missed them!  Palm trees always give me a peaceful feeling inside.  Bermuda is absolutely gorgeous.  Pictures simply do not do the archipelago justice.  And the best part?  Pink sand!  Real pink sand!  It’s a result from the interaction with the coral reefs or something of the sort and gives the sand a pink tint.  Sadly, all the hurricanes are wiping them out so I was glad I was even able to see it at all. 

pink sand

Getting onto the food stuffs…

I discovered several types of new sodas that don’t exist in the US [well, I haven’t seen them here].  I turn your attention to all those flavors of Sunkist available.  There’s pineapple, strawberry, and grape!  Instead of Welch’s grape soda, there’s NuGrape.  And a local soda is the Ginger Beer- I’m told it’s suppose to be some sort of Ginger Root Beer type soda.  Sadly, McTwinkle put his foot down and wouldn’t let me have any of them!  Bah!  I want to taste strawberry soda even if it’s bad for me!

bermuda, soda

The local market by our resort is housed in … a house.  There are shutters are on the second story windows!  I wonder if the owners actually live up there.  Tony’s Fine Foods is just a local shop; the bigger supermarkets resemble our Stop & Shops- only on a smaller scale.

supermarket, bermuda

Originally, we were to stay at the Fairmont Southampton, but we ended up at the Grotto Bay Resort for several reasons; a majority of it being monetary.  When we arrived, the hotel were serving high tea, so we grabbed a cup before venturing out.  I loved the decor at the restaurant, mainly because of the palm trees inside.  I didn’t realize that anyone brewed blackcurrant teauntil I saw it here.  I love blackcurrant; Chinese people are always making blackcurrant flavored snacks.  In Hong Kong and China, there are even blackcurrant flavored Mentos!  Hmm.. for those of you who haven’t had blackcurrant, I’d say the flavor most closely resembles a cross between blackberries and blueberries.  In addition to tea, they also offered some cookies and scones as snacks.

inside hotel rest

tea table

blackcurrent tea snacks
these snacks were actually from the Manger’s Rum Swizzle Party

We also had the lunch and breakfast buffets at our resort during our stay.   Both buffets cost under $20 each per person, so in Bermuda, that is pretty much considered to be a deal.  Food is sooo expensive here because everything needs to be imported- even the milk!  The simplest entrees typically go for about $30 and up for dinner. 

Here are some photos from both buffets.  The breakfast buffet included a make your own omlette station.

breakfast buffet
the 3 across are mine =X

lunch buffet
the desert table

plate 1
mahi mahi / chicken / rice [all very yum]

smoked salmon / russian salad [yum] / meat salad [meh] / potato salad

One thing that everyone always comments on in regards to Bermuda and the Caribbean Islands is that service is always so slow.  Locals are constantly dwadling and giving off a very cool seemingly carefree vibe.  They call this running on “Bermuda time.”  As a result, us hungry hungry New Yorkers who are used to speedy service suffered when it came to meal time.  

The first night, we ate at the Swizzle Inn, which serves as both a bar and a restaurant.  The Swizzle Inn has a motto of “Swizzle Inn and Swagger Out” because of their signature drink; the Rum Swizzle.  They serve basic bar food in addition to some classic Bermudian dishes, and every Friday, they feature a special bar-be-que menu.  Guess what day we went on?  Yep, Friday.  We ordered a half pitcher of the Run Swizzle made with dark rum [Bermuda’s liquor of choice], the juices of lime, pineapple, and orange, and some falernum [similar to grenadine but with ginger & other spices].  McTwinkle had the Swizzle Burger topped with cheese and bacon with cole slaw and fries on the side.  I got the baby back ribs platter with a side of salad and mashed potatoes.  McTwinkle says the burger tasted like it was made on the premises; the patty didn’t taste so much like a frozen patty made on a conveyer belt.  He could taste the ground meat.  The ribs were made with a dry rub and topped with bbq sauce.  The ribs were good but the sauce was way too much.  The dry rub alone provided enough flavor; all that bbq sauce is just excess.  The mashed potatoes, unfortunately, were a bit on the bland side. 

swizzle inn

rum swizzle 1/2 pitcher rum swizzle

swizzle burger


Since Bermuda is in the middle of the Atlantic, we had to have seafood- there was no other option.  On weekdays from 5-6:30, there’s a sushi happy hour at The Harbourfront, so we had to take advantage of that.  McTwinkle and I were starving!  I ordered us … 11 rows.  Seriously.  They were just simple small rows costing $3.95 each.  Drinks are also $3.95.  The special also comes with free miso soup.  I’ve got to say that this is probably the best deal I stumbled upon while in Bermuda.  The fish was fresh, but it didn’t particularly stand out as a superb sushi.  My friends decided they wanted desert after sushi, so they ordered a chocolate cake with liquid chocolate filling to share.  The presentation was really nice so I’m sharing a photo of it.  I was told it is as tasty as it is visually pleasing.





I’m realizing that this post is getting to be a bit too photo heavy and too long so I’m going to break this up into two parts.  Look out for part 2!  I’ll leave you a picture of the beach for now.  😉

warwick beach

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