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news about ess-a-bagel from today’s ny post

Louise Kramer of the New York Post writes that my beloved Ess-a-Bagel in Stuy town has been closed!!  I quote:

The decades-old shop on 21st Street and First Avenue was closed instantly Wednesday after a surprise health inspection revealed it had been operating without a permit since June.

Nooo!  I’ve been going to this bagel place since I was in Junior High School.  They have fabulous blueberry and veggie cream cheeses.  Mm…. and their pumpernickel…  Also, they’re not as sweet as H&H bagels tend to be.  I hope they sort things out soon and re-open.  Meanwhile, if anyone has an Ess-a-Bagel craving will have to trek over to their other location at 53rd and 3rd.

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