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I initailly had no idea that Spring Street Natural used only organic ingredients in their food; although, the name “natural” should’ve been a big hint.  I’ve walked by this place many times during my weekly trips to Soho, but I’ve never eaten here.  I usually just go across the street for some of Eileen’s Cheesecake instead.  =X  I am glad I got to try this out though.  My overall impression of this place is torn between “semi- impressed” and “disappointed.”  Their dishes are very inconsistent.  Some dishes really had me try to tackle others for bites, but others I wasn’t happy with the chefsmanship (haha witty, eh?) of.  The space itself was small and cramped, and in being cramped, they manage to serve a lot more people.  When you get in, directly to your left is a full bar, which I was surprised existed because of the area and large amounts of people.  I bet it is hard to get around the bar area.  To the right of the bar is the main dining area, the tables were really squished together so it was hard for us to maneuver. 

spring street natural  spring st natural
outside // inside

Here’s the bread basket!  I wasn’t a fan of the bread basket.  I’m more partial to the oats and not the wheats, which seemed to comprise most of this basket.

bread basket

I wanted two different appetizers so I got Arthur and Jen to share them with me.  Umm, can you say .. fatty?  I wanted the spinach salad and the grilled squid.  The salad was very simple, it came with spinach greens (duh), grapes, dried mango, feta cheese, onions, and the real key to this salad, which was the vinaigrette.  I’m not sure what kind of vinaigrette it was though and that makes me really sad.  It was sweet but not too sweet and the flavor was new to my palate.  I can’t remember what dressing it was, but undoubtedly it is one of the best dressing I’ve ever had.  Arthur and Jen agree.  The grilled calamari was nothing special, in fact, the ends of the tendons were burnt.  I didn’t appreciate how they only gave us a few measily tendons and left out the other pieces.  The white beans/salsa-ish medley didn’t really go with the squid, and it was bland on its own.  The regular fried calamari was much better.  

salad grilled squid

Caled and Jon ordered the crispy calamari, which came with two dipping sauces.  The first seems like a thousand island type sauce and the other was a spicy vinaigrette.  The calamari was lightly battered and fried on the outside and  gave way to a soft non chewy middle.  The calamari was bland alone and I did miss the marinara sauce because I wasn’t too pleased with the flavors of their dipping sauces, but the spicy one was better in my opinion.  It helped give the calamari a needed kick.


The reason I wanted to come to Spring Street Natural is because organic means seasonal seasonal and fresh.  I like how their menu caters to the different seasons since certain seasons yield certain specialty items, like fall and pumpkin respectively.  I saw that they are featuring a pumpkin ravioli dish and I was sold.  I didn’t even bother to look at the rest of the menu to see if it would satisfy the palates of my friends.  The pumpkin ravioli came with smoked duck, zucchini, and toasted hazelnuts in brown butter.  Doesn’t that sound good or is it just me?  I mean, the hazelnuts are an odd touch but I like hazelnut, so I figure why not?  Unfortunately for me, I was really disappointed with my entree.  The ravioli did not taste like pumpkin- it wasted like straight up almond paste.  I love almond flavoring but I don’t know what it was doing here, especially since nowhere in the description did the word “almond” appear.  I’m positive it wasn’t hazelnut- it was almond.  The hazelnut was just sprinkled around the top; the almond taste was inside the ravioli.  It was soo strong and sweet that it ruined the ravioli for me.  The only thing that saved the ravioli was the duck.  The savory taste of the duck helped to balance out some of the almond.  If the ravioli stuffing recipe for this dish is remade, this dish can possibly be saved.  Right now though, it’s going on my no-no list.

pumpkin ravioli

Arthur got the  pan seared duck breast “drizzled with pomegranate molasses, pinenuts and figs; served with scalloped sweet potatoes and apples and sauteed Tuscan kale.”  There was a good portion of duck for his dish so I stole a couple of pieces to eat with my ravioli.  The duck tasted like typical duck; there was nothing special about the duck itself.  It was cooked to a good degree so it wasn’t rubbery and it’s natural juices were still in tact somewhat.  This was one of those sweet and savory dishes.  The duck and the kale are savory, but everything else is sweet.  I didn’t get to try the flavors together so I don’t know how they taste.  Hopefully, they balance out.  Arthur’s one of those people who likes to eat in layers rather than combining the layers, so I don’t think he’d be much help either.  Looks like you’ll have to try this one out and assess for yourself.


We all agreed the best entree out of all of us (there are a few others that I didn’t show because I didn’t taste them), is the roasted atlantic salmon with “fresh garden salsa, basil mashed potatoes and grilled zucchini.”  The zucchini was over grilled even though the one in the picture looks like it bears perfect grill marks; the other side shows something completely different.  The salmon and the mashed potatoes were so good though.  I have no remarks on the salsa but the basil mashed potatoes were creamy and light and not overly basily.  It’s the only basil mashed potatoes I’ve ever had in New York, but I’ve had it in Vegas before and found it too thick and basily.  This was seriously whipped to perfection.  After trying the previous dishes, I was surprised how good the salmon tasted alone.  It was so tender and the sauce fromt he salsa just seeps into the pores of the fish!  As a testament to how good this dish was, everyone was ignoring their own dish and digging their forks into this plate.  Then… Caled started to threaten all of us that he’d stab us with his knife if we continued… so we had to distract him while stealing.  =X


After fooding, we went bowling in Jersey, which I haven’t done in years!  I kicked ass the first round, but then Daniel warmed up and kicked my ass the second round.  Moreover, we were bowling sober… kinda.  We went to Gatsby’s a block away from Spring Street Natural for a few drinks before heading into Jersey.  I guess it wasn’t a total liquor-less night.  Then again, it never usually is with the boys.

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