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i’ve decided to keep this up for a lil while so .. i’m sorry in advance for the blinding.

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I didn’t get to see my bestest last week when she went out to celebrate her birthday because I had to stay in the city for errands.  She got kidnapped and brought to Jersey for some shopping and gambling fun.  We decided I’d take her out to dinner yesterday.  Originally, I thought Gramercy Tavern would be a nice treat for both of us, but given the amount of heat and that it started to rain just as we were heading out, we decided to shoot for something close.  I remembered a little tiny little place I walk by once in a while on my way home- greenbrownorange.  It’s a tiny restaurant and so yuppy-like, I decided I must try it.  It’s called greenbrownorange because each color represents a different aspect of their company [green = catering / brown = restaurant / orange = private room|parties].  Brown was packed when we got there so we decided to go somewhere else.  More details to come about the place when I actually get to eat there.  Walking towards Alphabet City, we stumbled upon a cool looking French place called Casanis, which happened to be right next to Babycakes

casanis outside
Broome side of Casanis

The atmosphere was pretty nice- very mellow and they play music in the background [instrumentals of some kind].  It was a Thursday night and the place wasn’t very packed so we enjoyed that.  The staff was friendly and helpful- which are always pluses- but it may be that we only got the attentiveness because it wasn’t a very busy night.  They have a rod laced with magazines lined behind the tables so people can browse while eating or waiting for food.  Clever, eh?  I believe this concept is a bit new to the US- in Hong Kong- even the McDonalds provides magazines for its consumers.  The picture below an inside view of the restaurant – I didn’t want to blind everyone so the pic is flash-free.

casanis inside
from our little corner looking towards the bar

Let’s get onto the food.  One of the special appetizers last night was grilled calamari with argula salad and some type of special sauce [sounded very good when the waitress told us about it].  We decided we wanted that thinking that it would be calamari on a bed of salad [think: calamari salad from China Grill].  The two things came separate and were good but very salty.  The dressing for the salad was sweet so I put the two together.  The flavors were very strong- too strong for my palate.  I did enjoy the dish regardless and thought the dressing was very unique- I have no clue what was in it- but I do think they used pineapple.

bread   calamari
bread basket  //  squid anyone?

Casinis’ menu features a lot of steak options including steak tartar, so naturally what does one order? Steak!  I’m not much of a meat person so I went for the Pan Roasted Red Snapper, it came with spinach and thin potato sticks [think: Potato Stix ] in a carot ginger sauce.  The snapper was good but the skin was a bit too salty, the sauce had good ginger flavor- it tasted gingery but it didn’t overpower the food.  Of course, the potato sticks were fun to eat.  Ander got Steak au Poivre [which the waitress explained to be more tender than the hanger- so much for our French knowledge].  Her steak was humungo!  And it didn’t come alone- no sirreebob!  It came with mashed potatoes and mesclun salad.  Her steak was salty and peppery [it was topped with crushed peppercorn so what do you expect?].  The salt wasn’t too powerful here- it was mostly the pepper- or so that is in my opinion.  The mashed potatoes were delish, as was the salad and the dressing.  This salad came with different dressing than with the appetizer arugala- I enjoyed both.  Maybe next time, I’ll just order the steak tartar since it comes with salad. 

staek   fish
steak we couldn’t finish // new meaning to shoe-string fries?

We decided to skip the dessert to go next door for some cupcakes [my original plan was to hit up triple s, but we would’ve have made it in time].  Babycakes sells gluten free and wheat free baked products [ie. for the gluten’d].  I tried the gluten free vanilla cupcake top with blue vanilla frosting and it was … not very good.  The frosting was thick and too sweet.  The cupcake had a weird consistancy- I can’t really describe it- but it wasn’t soft like regular cupcakes.  It was more cookie-like.. but not.   Okay- I’m going to stop attempting to explain now.  I think their wheat products are suppose to be better so I guess I’ll have to try them next time around. 

 babycake  babycakes
outside of babycakes

gluten free is not for me


LES is becoming too cool
where be all da ghetto peepz?

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