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calling all chocoholics

check out this new online mag: Chocolate Zoom

Chocolate Zoom talks about all the chocolate goodness my fair city, New York has to offer.  For those like me who are not chocolate lovers, they have various articles on non-chocolatey sweets like.. ice cream!

This article here describes how ice cream is actually good for you!  =]   What more can I ask for?

 BTW, Chinatown Ice Cream Factory has my favorite ice cream.  Since all the non-chinese people have now learned about my secret- they have taken the liberty to raise the prices ridiculously high, which makes me extremely sad.  I remember those days- not too long ago, mind you- that a single scoop cone costs $1.90, and now?  It’s almost $3!!!  Highway robbery, I say.  Nonetheless, you should all go try it if you haven’t.  My fave is Almond Cookie [Almond Ice Cream with cookie crumbs].  Lychee is a long time fave and best seller though.  And I’m sure you all know that my favorite gelato place is Ciao Bella.

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currently drinking:  starbux iced vanilla latte with whipped cream [made by one of the nice ladies in The Firm’s caf]

currently readingasianfanatics forums on taiwanese dramas [cuz i am a dorkus]

currently pondering:  vegas food itinerary
– paris lunch buffet
– bellagio dinner buffet
– under $4 steak & eggs special .. somewhere
– any other suggestions?  perhaps more cheap eats cuz i kno vegas is filled with them

currently mentally drafting:  my blurb for the new blog

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