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Since it’s been a while since my last post… this is probably going to be quite lengthly.  I’m sure it will entertain those of you who are currently reading this at work.  Let me just start off by confessing that it’s been a very big foodie 4 day weekend and some foodings were not documented.  [Hey, I didn’t know that lunch with mama in c-town would be so yummerful]. 

Last Friday, I decided to order from my sister’s seamless account but they wouldn’t let me change the address.  Smart corporate people.  daggnit.  I didn’t feel like walking to her office to pick up food, so I just went across the street to Thai-Nam for some Pad Thai.  I was craving noodles that day.  The reviews on menupages weren’t very good- they all say that the pad thai from Thai-Nam is bland and one is always better off ordering something else.  This lazy ass can’t be bothered to walk 10 minutes for lunch.  Yes, I know.  I’m a sad excuse for a foodie sometimes.  Anyways, I figured that if I ordered extra peanut sauce with my pad thai, the sauce would give the noodles more flavor.  Woo hoo.  Go me for smart thinking.  The pad thai wasn’t exactly bland- it has a pretty good taste to it.  The chicken was bland though, and there were much other stuffs that usually accompanies pad thai in the dish.  It barely had any egg [maybe two tiny pieces, if even] and that mushroom-type thing and the bean sprouts- that’s it.  I used the peanut sauce for the chicken so it all worked out fine in the end. 

lunch special for about $7

lunch special = soup!  i ❤ chinese cabbage

Ater work on Friday, I met Irene & Eva in Soho and after an attempt at bathing suit hunting, we decided to go to chinatown for some boba and appetizers.  I even shared my pad thai with the girls since I couldn’t finish it earlier.  They both kudo’d my peanut sauce idea. =D  My boba places of choice is Tearrific and Green Tea Cafe.  I only go to Silk Road if I need to study or if I’m hanging out with the gang.  We all know the latter hasn’t happened for a while but I do need to get hopping on them LSATs.  As usual, I order the Blackberry frothy milk tea with boba and chicken strips.  I heart their chicken strips because they come with the sweet and spicy chili sauce.  The balance rules.  Eva got chicken wings that were way to salty- even for a sodium freak like me.  Irene just got a drink and picked off of our food. 

blackberry milk tea
mMm good blackberry!

Saturday, Renny, her cousin Henry, and I went for brunch at Essex

entrance to essex

Essex used to be a fish market, along with the organic market nextdoor, but it has since been converted.  I really enjoy the atmosphere at Essex because it’s very spacous with its high ceilings and skylighting.  The actual place is small but it wasn’t as packed as I thought it would be when we got there.  What really drew me to Essex for brunch is that you get brunch and 3 brunch cocktails for $15.  Who can say no to that?  Okay, so Ren & Hen are Muslim and aren’t allowed alcohol… but still.. it works for me.  For starters, they gave us this onion and poppy seed type bread that was interesting but not good enough to prevent me from finishing my main course.  I ordered the eggs benedict, which came with potatoes and mesclun salad, and Renny got banana & chocolate chip pancakes.  Both dishes were just soo good.  The potatoes were nicely seasoned and I just heart hollondaise sauce.  OMG.  I’m salivating as I’m writing this.  Ren’s pancakes were so soft with just a bit of crunch at the borders- but the good kind.. not the burnt pancake kind.  I don’t like chocolate but I would’ve surely ignored that part and gobble down her pancakes.

kinda bialy-ish onion bread

eggs benedict
eggs benedict with spinach and applewood bacon

banana n chip panckes
banana n chip w/ fruit on the side

mimosa + eggs = my fave parts of brunch

Sunday was bbq day at twin’s place.  We were celebrating July 4th early.  There’s not much to say about this except that when we all get together- we are all food whores.  There were about 15 people but food for about 30.  Take a look for yourselves.

packed fridge             freezer
fridge with marinated meats & fruits  //  freezer with iced stuff.. ice cream/  icies/ ice

junk food
junk food portions & sodas

Jenn & Lydia baked a 3 layer cake that Jax & I helped put together to make a 3 layer strawberry shortcake.

cake & brownie 
frozen strawberries  cool whip
box cakes and brownies // frozen strawberries for the insides //  cool whip

frosted cake
jax taking a bite out of the frosted cake

piping    more piping
piping of the cake

my slice

We did eat stuff besides dessert.  We did.

ribs   pasta  
ribs  //  pasta with grilled veggies and goat cheese // fish balls

 .. and a whole bunch of other stuff that’s not pictured.  There was steak, pork chops, potato salad [my request], and chicken wings. 

Monday was mostly family day with a trip to Chinatown for lunch at Pearl River Restaurant on Elizabeth.  We had eggplant with beef, chow mien with chicken, fish, sweet and sour pork, and choy.

On the actual holiday, I met up with some of my guy friends for drinks and food.  We went to a couple of bars in the St. Marks/ LES area.  I had kimchi fried rice for dinner.


Overall, it’s been a yummerful four days off. 

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