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an el paso dinner

Alvin’s craving: Arroz Con Pollo
Alvin’s location: YMCA @ Avalon
Beancurd’s solution: El Paso

el paso
look for this sign on W. Houston & go downstairs

Last night was the first time I’ve seen Alvin since I’ve been back from my extended time away from nyc.  I took him to the place the gang and I went to for my birthday last year [where, incidentally, I bumped into Diana who decided to dine there with her family].  I like this place because of it’s good prices and their big pots of paella and arroz con pollo.  Also, because of my Asian-ness, I appreciate their freebies.  Everyone at the table gets chips and salsa, warm bread and butter, and a salad- even if you’re sharing an entree!

   chips n dip
chips & salsa [we had two baskets of these babies]

El Paso is this little holey type restaurant down West Houston.  By the looks of it outside, there’s nothing spectacular, but inside, there is a ton of artwork and all the workers are Spanish [authenticity?].  They have this wonderful 1 1/4 pound lobster deal for less than $20 for all of you seafood lovers out there.  Me, I’m allergic to shellfish so I’ll have to pass. 

Apparently, Alvin’s craving rubbed off on the majority of our party and we ended up ordering 3 orders of arroz con pollo.  Aldous switched from Lobster to steak and then finally settled on the chicken.  Rachel was the unique one.  She got the Paella Valenciana [Rice, Seafood, Chicken and Spanish Sausage].  The guys didn’t like the rice much, but they liked the juicy and tender chicken.  They said the rice at my alma mater is better .. I’m thinking because the rice is not as dry here?  I like that the juices of the chicken seep into the rice, giving it extra flavor.  Rachel didn’t have any complaints about her paella.

      arroz con pollo      
chicken and rice =D

[half of the paella]

We did manage to have dessert after this.  Well, Rachel and I did.  The rest of the group passed.  We went to Ciao Bella, my all time favorite gelato place to date.  We split the Peaches and Cream and Mocha Chip gelato.  No pictures.  Sorry.  Too busy gulping it down.

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