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In celebration of Corinne’s 3 wonderful months working at RFI and of my safe return to the NYC, we decided to catch up for dinner at “her” fusia.  The fusia previously mentioned and one we’ve often visited is further south.  Corinne’s been going on and on about this place ever since she’s started at RFI.  I figured it was finally time to trek over and see what all the fuss was about.  The bad thing was that both of us managed to eat ourselves crazy that day and neither of us was hungry come 6PM.  So what do you do when this happens?  Don’t just order a drink- order appetizers!

ginormous meatball sized tuna tartar
ginormous meatball sized tuna tartar

She introduced me to their spicy tuna tartar.  Not your typical looking tartar, now is it?  This baby lies on slices of mango and seems to have been toasted slightly all around so there’s a crispness to it [you can see some of the crisps on the plate], and the ball is topped off with sesame and fish roe.  I would definitely come by just for this thing alone.  She also had some corn and asparagus soup with this, which is not pictured.

spring rolls
spring rolls with lime sauce

I decided on spring rolls b/c I lurve the Viet spring rolls and this came with their own sauce [lime flavored].  I actually enjoyed this much more than I thought I would.  I was half expecting some re-fried frozen ones but it tasted like they made these at the restaurant.  I also ordered a papaya salad which I wasn’t impressed with.  It had carots, mint [ack!], peanuts, papaya shavings, and lettuce in a minty dressing.  I poured my lime sauce over it but it didn’t help too much.  It looks pretty but it didn’t taste very pretty.  Maybe I didn’t enjoy it because I’m not a fan of mint or I thought there’d be more to it but it seems like Papaya Salad from Fusia is a look but don’t touch plate.

papaya salad
papaya salad

And finally, where’s one of the two of us.

corinne & tina

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