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big apple bbq

I have started to eat meat a whole lot more than I used to.  I even ate ribeye without an once of disgust in my eyes but there are limits.  That limit is reached when I am faced with tons and tons of … bar-be-cue.  I reached that limit easily at the Big Apple Bar-be-cue Block Party at Madison Square Park two weekends ago.  See, I was originally under the impression that I would eat a lot of ribs [which I lurve, btw] but I realized that there is a LOT of meat involved in this event- ex. pulled pork. 

There are approximately 10 vendors and Eva and I had an original plan of hitting up all of them to sample some of the country’s best bbq.  Wellll… that didn’t go over very well.  By the third vendor, I was already sick of looking at meat, much less think about having to eat it.  Eva, Jack, and I managed to get through 6 vendors before calling it quits.

We decided on the divide and conquer concept.  First, we establish a rendevous  point; the corner of 24th & Madison

I hit up Blue Smoke [St. Louis ribs w/ dill pickles] while Eva goes to Big Bob Gibson’s [pulled pork shoulder w/ spicy crisp southern mustard coleslaw].  You may notice the extremely small portion of food from Blue Smoke- but that’s only b/c we forgot to take the cam out until we were halfway through the “meal.”  Both Eva and I have actually had ribs from Blue Smoke before.  She thinks it’s one of those “hit or miss” places because she says that sometimes they actually screw up the ribs [so sad].  Jack commented that he went to Virgil’s the night before, but the ribs were nothing like these [duh- I could’ve told him that!].  Not to knock Virgil’s or anything; they are good but Blue Smoke still takes the cake in my book.

Blue Smoke Ribs // marinating ribs

how much sauce is too much? [Big Bob’s]
Another thing I kept doing is eating the bread.  I am such a sucker for potato bread and that’s what all the vendors were using in both bun and slice form!  I had to be stopped… multiple times. 

Since the line for Big Bob’s was long… so I went onto Dinosaur BBQ’s line.  They had pulled pork shoulder with beans.  The most memorable part about this?  The beans.  They were slammin’.  Holy smokes.  I don’t know what I’ve never ordered beans from them before.  Have I?  Must recheck old photos.


Jack finally decides to join us so we make him go on the longest line; the link for the Salt Lick [it was a 1.5 hr wait btw].  While he did that, I hit up Mitchell’s, Eva hit up Tabla and Smoki O’s.  Tabla wasn’t an official vendor at Big Apple BBQ but they had some interesting Indian bbq fusion stuffs.  Chutney pulled pork burger for one.  For the record, I did try the sausage cuz Jack was convinced it was sooo good and ACK!  I’ve always hated sausage and even sausage from one of the best bbq joints still doesn’t do it for me.  Sorry.  At least I tried? 

Mitchell’s: Whole Hog w/ Mustard Coleslaw [love that there was slaw in the hog.. there was also pork rind]  sorry for the awful pic- I couldn’t see the shadows- it was wayy sunny

line at Salt Lick // brisket, sausage and slaw [slaw was bleh]

Smoki O’s ribs; good but so stuffed at this point

Don’t know where the Tabla food pix went so here’s the vendor! 
The restaurant is actually directly in back of the vendor.

We couldn’t even finish the last couple of dishes.  It was too difficult.  Too much meat.  Soo full, we didn’t even leave room for …. dessert! 

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