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It was a big bar-be-que weekend for me last week.  On Saturday, the gang and I got together to celebrate Daniel [Nasdaq’s] birthday … with what else.. FOOD!  The day after, Eva, Jack, and I hit up the Big Apple BBQ event in Madison Square Park [photos to come].  Actually, the week before, I went to a bbq in Phoenix.  The meet of choice at both events?  RIB-EYE.  I didn’t touch it this time around [most of you know why] but there wasn’t exactly a choice the first time.

3 humungo slabs of ribeye       

 phil seasoning them [he looks like he’s having difficulty]

loin of roast cooked

marinating loin / kalbi up top right

while the boys worked; the twins battled it out: chopsticks vs. corkscrew

box cake by twin

claiming of the cake

will proves he’s claimed his piece

cupcakes with layers of frosting to be caked at Daniel 

cupcake splatter aftermath [see the dead candles?]

me and the birthday boy!

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