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It’s Friday afternoon and I feel like I’m in a total work related rut.  I really ought not to complain.  Who else gets paid to sit in her cube all day and surf the web?  You know what that means… more food blogging.

Cathay Pacific Meal [served from jfk to hkg]: shrimp salad appetizer, warm bread roll, terragon chicken with potatoes, carrots and stringbeans, milano cookies, tiramisu, and a glass of red wine [which was gross, btw]

China Southern Airlines [guang zhou to hang zhou]: noodles with beef and peppers, pineapple salad with mangos [canned stuffs]

China Southern Airlines Snack [nanjing to guangzhou]: bread roll, ham and pickled cabbage, muffin [don’t remember flavor], pineapple

On another note, I feel like I’m also in a travel rut- which honestly, is a bit scary.  I’ve never been in a travel rut- ever.  I don’t even really comprehend the words completely.  I feel like I’ve run out of places to visit, but at the same time, there are just so many places that I haven’t been to yet.  Like Chicago.  Why is it that I have no will power to leave when only a week ago I was scrambling to leave NYC again?  Maybe I’ve just settled back into my NYC life so much that I just don’t feel the need to get away.  Yes.  Maybe that’s it.  I seriously need to do something with my life. 

My supervisor’s asking me if I want any days off in the month and a half, two months to come.  My answer?  I’ll look into it.  I really can’t bring myself to plan another trip.  Maybe that’s it.  I just can’t get on another plane.

Let’s calculate Tina’s travel hrs since 4.30: [plane only]
4.30: 15 hrs from jfk to hkg
5.7:     2 hrs from can to hang zhou
5.12:   2 hrs from nan jing to can
5.29: 12 hrs from hkg to van
         4.5 hrs from van to jfk
5.31:   5 hrs from lga to dallas
            2 hrs from dallas to tus
6.4:     4 hrs from tus to ord
            3 hrs from ord to lga

what does that equal?  [add this to the amt of time spent in the actual airport with it = hell and back]

And all this for a person who hates flying.

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