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aww this title just looks so weird if you’re not reading this in order.  o wells.  so here are a few more items from hong kong.  this is me being the fatty that i am and stopping to get a couple curried fishballs.  man, have they been sitting in that curry sauce for a long time.  luckily, the sweet sauce [teem jern] came to my rescue!

i have to say that non chinese food in hong kong is not very good.  i had japanese and korean and they were both disappointing.  syl agrees with me though.  she says everything non korean in korea doesn’t taste very good either.  well i guess korean wasn’t bad but the japanese food was definitely not good.  i did hear that korean is okay in guang zhou- but i can’t confirm that.  i’ve also heard it’s my choice of restaurants so that could be it.

Koreana Restaurant was where I had Korean.  I got a cold noodle dish- I thought I ordered the Jap Chae, but apparently I didn’t.. lines of communications were crossed but whatever.  As I said earlier, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great.

The only Japanese thing I liked about Hong Kong was the Sogo Department Store.  It’s like 9 stories full of clothes and stuffs and the bottom is a bakery/ supermarket.  Those pictures are yet to be uploaded but the below is from Nishimura Restaurant at Harbour City Mall.  The only mall I’ve ever been lost in, it’s so damn big.  700 stores!!  There’s like 6 wings or something, it’s ridiculous!  But oh so cool. 

sashimi piece [seriously, it had that yellow meat tone; the picture reflects it quite well] and apple juice [there was apple pulp- it just tastes like apple sauce with a bit of juice]

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