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the long awaited pictures from my month away is finally arriving in dribs and drabs.  prepare to feast your eyes on all the chinese food [and a lil bit of others] that you can take!

airplane food: breakfast of eggs, spinach potatoes and mushrooms- oh sausage too

congee! [we had a lot of this]

beef brisket and noodles from Eat Together

here’s some roast pork wrapped in noodles [can u see the noodle pattern now?]

more noodles [with peanut, soy and hot sauce]

people are really ghetto in HK- they put noodles on a piece of paper and then into a bag.. but it was dam cheap and filling so it works- it was a bit on the bland side though, but nothing sauce can’t fix

And now for some more non noodley stuffs:

breaded chicken in a sticky rice mushroom bun & close up of sandwich
everyone says McDonald’s in China tastes so much better- agreed?

fish cake & insides: this was very yummy but i don’t really remember what it was stuffed with.  mushroom/corn/peppers, etc.

veggie rolls- the skin was bleh but innards were yum

Fish Sandwich meal @ Disney w/ chinese ketchup [it tastes the same].. apparently the chinese like to put cucumbers into their burger type things- ack!

ma por dofu rice dish- it was better than i imagined and one of the only rice dishes i had during the whole week

rice dish and egg drop soup all gone!

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Some of the coolest nature events I’ve witnessed this year did not occur in China, but in Arizona.  I got to see a tornado forming and greyed out clouded areas within a clear blue sky [storm].  I wish I had my camera at those times cuz I would have loved to have captured it onto film!  I did get to catch some cool ass rainbows though.  There were three.  I  have pictures of all three of them but I’ll be showing two.  The second has a slight hint of a double rainbow– can you tell?  The first was taken while we were in the gas station pumping gas.  There are storm clouds up above and it was soooo windy.


johnjohn’s house [his dad calls it “the little house on the prarie”]

You see that clear blue sky in the last pic?  That’s how the sky usually looks about 360 days per year.  Of course, when I go, that’s when the rain comes.  But at least there was the reward of rainbows, unlike the non rewarding rain in China. So seriously, I’ve brought rain all 4 times I’ve been to Arizona.  How sick am I?

Anyways, while I was there, johnjohn brought me to this Japanese restaurant he’s working at, Yamato and I got to try some of their sushi.  It was yummers but I wasn’t too happy with their salmon skin roll [East has a better one]. 

Spicy Tuna [they make it sooo good] / Eel / Salmon Skin

The fam and I went to eat at The Club one day for lunch.  I love how spacious the place was, including our prime seating next to ginormous windows!  johnjohn’s mom and I got The Birdie Salad, which we were both told came with “oriental dressing”- which we both automatically opted out of.  [so how exactly do you explain ‘oriental dressing to two ‘orientals’?]  Aside from that, I did try the dressing and it is pretty good… I don’t know what about it screams “oriental” though.  Whateves.  JohnJohn and his dad got burgers.. with bacon.  It looked yummers and his friends looked so crunchy.  I was too occupied with my salad to steal any so oh wells.

The Birdie: breaded chicken with mesclun & crap lettuce [it said mixed greens, which in nyc means mesclun and they gave me iceberg/romaine crap], mandarin oranges [selling pt for us both], and some other stuffs I don’t remember topped with crunchies

johnjohn’s burger [self explanatory much?]

twin grapefruit that JohnJohn’s mom gave me .. it’s from their own backyard!

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