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suits & cupcakes

Yesterday, Jon & I accompanied Stan to get a suit for our formal dinner next week.  Things wouldn’t have been so bad if I wasn’t yearning for my damn cupcake the whole time we were at Macy’s.  After ages of measurings and combing through colors; we decided on a Liz Claiborne black silk(?) stripped suit (black stripped pattern on black basically).  The bad thing is that even though the blazer fits and looks good on him; the pants are PLEATED.  ACK!  That’s just disgusting.  The sales woman and I were both like- yea… that’s going to make you look fat.  Maybe he’ll prove me wrong and be able to pull them off.. but I guess we’ll have to wait until next week to see.  It will be excrutiating if we have to repeat this process- actually, it’s not bad if I don’t have my foodie cravings.  But… it’s safe to say that’s pretty unlikely.  Thankfully, Macy’s is a place where there are tons of food shops for men and people like me. 

So after the suit shopping, we rushed over to…. Sugar Sweet Sunshine for my Sexay Red Velvet Cupcake with cream cheese frosting!  Seriously, Stan & Jon can attest- one was not enough for me- it was a damn tease!  But I refrained- I didn’t go back for seconds.  The cake was soo succulent and soft and the frosting didn’t overpower the cupcake itself.  I enjoy their cupcakes because it’s not too sweet- it’s perfect for people who like sweets but don’t have a ginormous sweet tooth.  I have to admit that their red velvet isn’t as flavorful as it could be, but like I said- that’s just the way I like it.  So if you want something richer, sweeter, and frosting friendly- go for Magnolia’s.  I will stick with me triple S.

What’s left to say but, CRAVING SATISFIED!

Notice the two-hands-hold?  I had to be extra careful not to be my usual klutzy self since i dropped, yes, dropped a Magnolia’s cupcake last time. =X  Jon was there to witness it.  It was not pretty.  I tried to save it but it just did not want to be saved. 

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